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over 2 years ago

Congratulate the Winners

PayID Hackers,

On Thursday, we announced the following winners of the PayID Hackathon:

Grand Prize - $15,000 in XRP

Second Place - $5,000 in XRP

  • 0Games - peer-to-peer 0% fee video games crypto-marketplace using PayID

Third Place - $2,500 in XRP

  • Unisend - Connect a bank account and send money internationally for free using PayID on XRP Ledger

Honorable Mentions - $500 in XRP (each)

  • Brisk ID - allows anyone with a mobile phone to easily create and manage a PayID via SMS
  • Instapay - the fastest, easiest payment app for all financial transactions using PayID
  • Ripay - send XRP to more than a billion people in your favorite messaging apps like Telegram, Discord, Matrix, Slack using PayID
  • Upay - get paid for your online services by anyone anywhere in the world using PayID
  • Verified PayID - decentralized saved identities assigned to PayID
  • XND - a non-custodial wallet that can perform cross-chain transfers directly to a PayID
  • - a central gateway for cryptocurrency payment information, powered by PayID 

Go to the PayID Hackathon gallery to congratulate them and check out all of the awesome submissions.

If you have any questions about the hackathon or PayID in general, please post on the Discord channel.

Always keep building!

PayID Team